1. Flexible working time:

    Employees can choose a working time that suits own life within the working time frame from 7:30 to 18:30; core time from 9:30 to 16:30; working time is calculated exactly to the minute and can make up for the day when it is able to adjust the work and get approval from the supervisor. 
  2. Work from home (WFH):

    Employees can choose the work location (at the office or at home) that best suits.
    Flexible regulations can combine both forms of the day, except for permanent events required by the Company or required by the project or the superiors.
  3. Seniority leave / Special vacation:

    In addition to the statutory leave, the seniority leave is calculated from the second year of working, each year is added 01 (one) day off and maximum 08 (eight) days.
    The special vacation is a 5-day holiday in a row to reward employees for their long-term commitment and dedication to the Company. During the fourth working year (from the time of entering the Company), employees can use this vacation.          
  4. Learning and Development:

    "Combining emotion and technology to provide unprecedented value for industry" Group President --Sato Koki
    In the training system of the Company, training content to develop individual strengths is always respected.

    Members can, based on the job specifications as well as the Training Matrix of each department, discuss directly with their Manager, mentor to propose a career path for yourselves and the Company will support 100% of the cost of education and training so that you can fulfill your life's dreams.
  5. Kaizen Ideas - "Hinerankai - Think Out of The Box"

    Get out of the box of your limitations and constantly reach new heights to have a meaningful life.
    Even a small improvement idea will help you to improve the efficiency of your own work as well as the general work of the Company every small step.
    Your opinions are always respected, listened to and done together to create a common working environment that promotes the individual strengths of all members.
  6. Business Contest

    You can start up in the Company with your own business ideas.
    The detailed plans will be listened to, consulted and evaluated by the Board of Directors of the Company and the Group.
    "New Business" Always a strength of the Group and a Dedication to Society.
    We have journeys of ideas and action plans to change the World together.

    * The regulations may change according to the Decision of the Board of Directors from time to time.


  1. Personnel Assessment / Job Results

    The company evaluates personnel / work results 01 year 02 (two) times.
    Basically, assessment is based on two main methods: 360-degree evaluation and Top-Down assessment (superior evaluates lower level).
    The salary increase, bonus consideration is based on the Company business activities and takes into account the influencing factors of the labor market.
    For a company developing in Technology, sharing and reviewing technology knowledge, practical experiences in the project as well as expanding its influence on other members and projects to be encouraged and appreciated. There are many factors and opportunities for each member to decide on their own assessment results.

    In addition, evaluating the quality / performance of an IT Engineer is still a difficult topic worldwide. We welcome all creative ideas with the goal of building a working environment best suited for programmers.
  2. Reviews on MVP (Most valuable person)

    The recognition of members with outstanding contributions is conducted periodically on monthly quarterly and annually.
    Best member of the year will be honored and have the opportunity to go to Japan as Business trip. The outstanding faces with each core value of the business are also rewarded each month.
    Each member is a personality color that creates the common strength of the Flinters (Vietnam-Japan) alliance. Being honored and becoming a senior leading the next generation is both an honor and a responsibility of all members.


  1. Teambuilding

    Team building is an expected event and held periodically at FLINTERS
    "Culture Department" is the organization in charge of organizing events to connect and arouse the spirit of solidarity throughout the Company - converging ideas of all members of the organization. In terms of form, events are always organized with many new ideas: Outdoor BBQ Party, Undoukai Sports Festival, New Member Party, etc. We always welcome you to the Culture Department!
  2. Clubs:

    There are many clubs: Swimming club, Football club, Gym club, Cooking club, etc. These clubs bring together everyone who has the same hobby. Moreover, this is a good chance to improve health and keep balance between the job and life.
     Company will sponsor clubs as Company's policy. Don't worry if you don't have the basic knowledge about swimming or playing football, the seniors will guide enthusiastically.

  3. Advanced foreign languages ​​skills:

    The development team always wants to communicate directly with the foreign customers. The company holds Japanese and English classes or clubs with a clear goal of helping their members become global excellent employees. When the members have the Japanese certificates after Join the Company, they will receive an allowance corresponding to each level one time.


To adapt quickly to changes, firstly we apply the motto of continuous development and partial release. With the aim to meet the needs of a flexible development process, we selected Scrum model --partially implemented, from small to large, towards the process of developing a faster response to change.


Product owner Japanese or BrSE staff in charge of this position. They are responsible for design specifications of our products.
Scrum master Has deep knowledge about Scrum, ensuring that the team can work with Scrum effectively.
Development Team Including SQAs and Engineers. They are responsible for system design, development and testing.

Product development procedure

[Sprint planning meeting]

The development team communicates with the Product Owner to make a work plan for a Sprint. The work plan includes the selection of the requirements needed to develop, analysis and identification of the work to be done together with the estimated time required to complete the tasks.

[Daily Scrum meeting]

In Flinters Vietnam, a daily scrum meeting is held for 15 minutes. In that period of time the development team can share difficulties they encountered in the process of the software development during the Sprint.

[Sprint Review meeting]

At the end of a Sprint, the development team and Product Owner will work together to review the work that was completed in the last Sprint (DONE) and will suggest some modifications or changes which are needed for the product.

[Sprint Retrospective]

Is held after finishing each sprint. The concerned members will summarize the contents of the whole sprint, consider what should be promoted, modified, or improved. Then they will make a plan to implement and apply that into practice for the next sprint. This method ensures that our development processes will be improved and get better.


Responsible for the realization of Septeni corporation's software concepts, the company applies diverse technical platforms and programming languages ​​to optimize our project performance.

[Programming language / framework]

With the development of web services, we choose Scala for our main programming language. Scala is a modern language, concise, elegant and powerful. In addition, we use Java, Object-C and Swift to develop our mobile applications. While programming, TDD is a favorite choice and test script is a mandatory requirement.


We primarily use MySQL for our Web Application projects. Additionally, for Data-related projects, we leverage Treasure Data, and BigQuery and SnowFlake.


Depending on the features of each product, we will decide to use Cloud or On-premise. When using Cloud, we choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Standard PC: using Macbook Pro 15 inch

Standard IDE: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

We use the toolkit provided by Atlassian for software development. Jira for Task management, Confluence for knowledge management, and Stash (Bitbucket) for source code management. In addition, the company also uses Slack as an effective tool for communication between our project teams.

Our system engineers also support build integration environments with Jenkins / Bamboo, and automated testing (Junit / Spec2 / Selenium) and build / deploy the software.


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