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Handling of personal information

Handling of personal information

・ Personal or customer information which is collected via this website, will be properly managed and will be used only to answer customer's questions.
・ The Company may trust services related to personal information to third party. In this case, the third party must sign into confidential information agreements, and properly manage this information.
・ The Company will not divulgate personal information of customers or business partners, except in case of having prior approval from customers, or in case of having request from government and other norms, or in case of transferring information to other member of Septeni Group when having request relevant to products or services, which need answer from other member of Septeni Group.
※ Please click on bellow hyperlink to have information about members of Septeni Group (only available in Japanese and English):
・ You may decide by yourself whether or not to provide personal information. But if you do not provide personal information, your requests or questions may not be resolved
・ In order to support customers easily submit information, and to prevent invalid or unwanted access, the Company may use our cookies and access log in case of need.
・ In this case, the Company may use these information: IP address, type of web browser, this website's access history ect... You may do not accept cookies of this website. Whether you accept cookies or not, you may use this website normally
・ This content is translated into some languages. If there is any different between versions, Japanese is considered the correct one

・ Please review "Privacy policy" page to understand more about other issues relevant to handling personal information.

※ Please contact us if you have any question relevant to personal information which you already provided (for example: to announce purpose of usage, to modify, to add, to delete, or to refuse third party).

[In order to request to handling personal information]
Personal in charge: System Administrator.
Address: Room 1801, 18th floor, CMC building, Duy Tan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Working our to handle request relevant to personal information: From 10 AM to 5 PM weekdays (except for holidays).